Cooperation with Cooperativa Vita Vera

ALMA company cooperates for several years with Cooperative Social Society O.N.L.U.S. Vita Vera.

Was founded in 1998 cooperating with C.I.R.A.H (International Center of Research of Self-sufficiency Handicapped persons)

The cooperative society is a non-profit organization. Its main purpose is to create working space for persons with handicap and to help them to get their own independence and a good view of life.
We work to increase the level of the professional skills and characteristics to be involved in the normal social life and in the world of work.
All the professional activities consider always the skills of the persons with handicap working in the cooperative society.
During all the work activities our employers are attended by many volunteers present every day that guarantees the quality of the process and creates a serious, peaceful and friendly climate to the workers of the society.
The working environment is very important because it helps the persons to be better involved in the work.
Our cooperation with "VITA VERA" allows discovering the world of work as the personal and professional growth.

Strada Provinciale Rivoltana, 16
20060 LISCATE (MI) ITALY – Tel. & Fax +39 02 95350060

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